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11 Unique Baby Names




Choosing a name for your little bundle of joy is possibly the most special time for any new parent, you want your kids to be joyful as can be, be strong, be smart, be soft, be calm, be confident and be sure of themselves.

Why not give them a name that matches? What do you want to relay to your kids?

Give them a cool and unique name that they will be sure to love when they’re all old and grown-up. And because we know how tricky picking the right name can get.

Here are the best unique names for your little Baby.


Possibly the most ancient name on this list, but nonetheless Aphrodite is a great name to give your little one. The name means “Born From Sea Foam”, as Aphrodite was born of the sea, with powers of attraction, thus came to be known as the goddess of love.

And to be named after the goddess of love herself is cool beyond the kid with a double-jointed finger in middle school , honestly.



The feminine version of “ Valentine”, the saint whom Valentine’s day is called after. The name of Italian origin basically means “Strong and Healthy”. It is beautiful and reminds you of being in love and the meaning is just the icing on top. It is definitely going to get you on that cool parents’ list.


Niko is of Greek origin and means “ People of Victory”; it is the diminutive version of Nikolaos. How much cooler can it get than that? to utter victory and success onto your kid who you just want the best for in life. Your kid will love you forever, and that? Is beautiful and cool at the same time. We all want that.


Aran is a name that means “forest” in Thai, it is a popular boy’s name and just utterly beautiful and as natural flowing as the forests themselves,

If you are an environmental enthusiast, this is the right name for you to give your little one, who will surely become the cool hippie that all of us will love. Harry Styles who?


Boris, although fairly known, is a name that seems to disappear every once in a while, not showing up on the baby name’s list, turning it into a rare and unique baby name.

The name Boris means “Battle glory” and is of Slavic origin. It is a unique name with majestic meaning, sounding like the name of some sort of fae spirit, and it would probably go with any last name you are to choose, so you get that as a bonus!


It is a beautiful name to give your daughter and the meaning just had me crying. Abigail is a name of Hebrew origin that means “Cause of Joy” or “Father’s Joy”, and that definitely takes me back to the days of being daddy’s little girl. I just adore this name. It is so beautiful.


Bahati is a name of African origin, from the Swahili language. The name literally means “Luck” or “Fortune” and sometimes can mean chance. It is the most beautiful name I’ve ever heard and you definitely don’t see many sporting it around on the regular. If I could rename myself it would be this, I mean, be a lucky charm? Yeah, I’m definitely going to miss that…chance.


Harold is a boy’s name of Scandinavian origin that means “Army Ruler”, It is a name that just exudes so much power, and if you get a little intimidated by the formality of it just cut it down and call them Harry then pop out another one and name them Harriet, ‘cause that’s just so cute to me. And about the Army ruler thing? Don’t worry. Just a kiss on the cheek and they’ll turn into a king real quick.


The name Aimee is of French and Latin origin and means “Beloved Friend”, it doesn’t get more heartwarming than that I’m telling you. You could show me 10,000 baby names, and I would tear up on this. How could a name be so beautiful? I had a friend named Aimee. They were nice.

In the end, we all just want the best relationship with our kids and I think giving them a unique baby name like this, Is a good enough start.


A name with Biblical history and is of Hebrew origin, It means “My God is Yahweh”, which is a beautiful declaration and if you were looking for a name with specific, religious importance then you’ve found one. Plus this one won’t make your kid sound about your father’s age, and you won’t have to worry about their name being too “grandpa” for those kids at school.


The name Dakota is a unisex name of Native American origin meaning “friendly one”. The name can also mean friend which simply gives such a welcoming tone to it, and really feels like a name to give to someone you think is going to be the warmest and friendliest person in this world with a heart of gold, definitely a top pick for any parent out there.



Whichever name you choose just make sure it is a name you’re proud of and one that is of some meaning to you. You only get to name your kid once so make it special. Give it meaning and personality that you wish your little one to have, in short, just please let it be a good name so you don’t end up cursing your kid, please.

And if you do end up choosing any of the names on this baby name’s list, trust that the rarity will make any of these names distinctive to your child wherever they go, but because of the simple-sounding nature to them, they’ll still be sure not to raise too many eyebrows wherever they go, and they will still have a very unique baby name.


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