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There are a variety of beautiful nursery room décor styles and decorations you can use to spruce up your baby’s room. Styles range from boho, classic, whimsical, to modern and themed. Below, each style will be discussed in further detail with examples of decorations to enhance each style and the best ways to decorate for your new bundle of joy!



A boho nursery style encompasses a gorgeous, vintage, and eclectic style. Boho-styled nurseries are perfect for baby girls or baby boys, as many of the décor and accent pieces are gender-neutral. A boho style often has a focus on neutral tones/colors, beautiful textiles, and interesting patterns. Boho nurseries are beautiful, practical, and stunning; the boho style can last for years and can be updated with different décor accents.

A boho-styled nursery focuses on simplicity, beauty, functionality, and an overall minimalist design style. Boho décor items include macramé items (such as an ottoman or wall hanging), neutral décor pieces (such as a neutral-toned rainbow, wooden décor pieces, etc.), plants/greenery, minimalist bookshelves or storage, wood benches/seating, and rattan light fixtures.

There is a range of boho décor items you can use to enhance your baby’s nursery. A boho nursery style has become increasingly popular over recent years; the simple, clean, and neutral look associated with the boho style has made the design style a timeless choice.



A classic nursery style features bright and vibrant colors, eye-catching patterns, and unique furniture. Classic nursery décor includes a rocking chair (with or without an accompanying ottoman), a classic wooden crib, a timeless light feature, pictures/paintings/murals of animals, gender-neutral colors (such as yellow, green, or gray), and stuffed animals. Classic nursery décor is what we’d typically think would be included in a nursery; the focus is on practicality, and overall sweet and simple design, and timeless features. Classic nursery styles have been popular for years, as they are traditional, timeless, and beautiful. Classic nursery styles are wonderful for both baby girls and baby boys.



A whimsical nursery is a nursery that showcases charming and sweet pieces and/or themes. An ‘enchanted forest’ theme is an example of a whimsical nursery style.

Whimsical nursery decorations include animal-themed items (such as a ‘bunny’ chair), floral items or pictures, an accent wall featuring greenery, hot air balloon décor/pictures, unicorns décor pieces, and geometric patterned items (such as rugs or wall hangings).

Of course, there are a variety of other whimsical décor items you could add to your baby’s room to enhance the theme. A whimsical themed nursery can be gender-neutral; you can enhance the theme through the use of the above-mentioned décor items.

You can also add a name plaque just above the crib; this is sure to be a treasured item for years to come! A whimsical nursery is a beautiful style choice for your baby’s nursery that they will love as they get older.




There is a variety of themed nursery styles you can choose; nautical, woodland, alphabet, brightly colored, feminine, masculine, animal/safari…the list goes on! Depending on your chosen theme, you will be able to find décor pieces that beautifully accentuate your baby’s room. A nautical style nursery can be enhanced through the use of décor items such as rope décor, boat décor pieces or pictures, maps, and a navy-colored accent wall.

A woodland-themed nursery can be enhanced through photos/paintings/murals of woodland creatures, tree décor or paintings, and rustic décor elements. An animal-themed nursery can be enhanced through the use of stuffed animals, paintings/murals/photos of animals, and bedding or other textiles that are animal-themed.

If you want to style your nursery specifically to the gender of your baby, it’s easy to find décor pieces that enhance both a boys’ and a girls’ room. Examples of such décor pieces include dolls/dollhouses, flowers, animals, boats, and cars/trucks. Themed nurseries are quite easy to decorate, as there are countless ways to enhance a chosen them through the use of décor pieces.




A modern nursery theme showcases contemporary elements, such as modern light fixtures, cribs, unique décor elements or accents, and bold, contrasting colors.

A modern nursery can be enhanced with a variety of different decorations, including contemporary furnishings, clean lines, neutral and bold contrasting colors, and geometric shapes and patterns.

Modern nurseries have a focus on simplicity; “less is more” holds true here. Contemporary nurseries often emphasize a particular design element (such as a bold light fixture or gorgeous accent wall) while keeping the rest of the room simple and clean.


There are many different ways you can decorate your baby’s nursery. Some different design styles include whimsical, boho, classic, modern, and themed. It should be relatively simple to find décor pieces to suit your chosen style.

No matter what way you decide to style your nursery, you’re sure to find beautiful décor pieces to accentuate your baby’s room. Happy decorating!




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